Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Makeup. So where do I get started?

So Makeup, where do I get started. Ive been in love with Makeup since I was about nine. Because my older sister Sophie is a makeup addict and i guess i picked it off from her. (Melovemakeup) I like to experiment with makeup in my spare time. :)

I like to do makeup on people and try out new looks when I want to.
I like lots of colour and I'm not afraid to go out with the brightest makeup ever.
Subscribe to me on Youtube where I will be making some makeup tutorials blogs and co. :)

My Youtube name- Makeupwonderland.
My dearest sister gave me her old account, I love you sis! x
Suscribe to her - Melovemakeup.

Thank you and love you all lots x


Sophie [Melovemakeup] said...

I love you sister! :)

Sarah said...

Hi and welcome! I"m just starting out with this blogging thing too really, it's pretty fun, I have to say : )

SimplyNatural77 said...

Hi ,

I've just found your blog . . . it's amazing keep up the awsome work!

I personally think that you would love my blog.It has anything and everything to do with fashion and beauty!From m.a.c make-up to fashion tips it has everything!

And if you like my blog please follow me , also if you know anyone else who would like my blog please tell them as i havent been on it for long and know one knows really :'(

Many Thanks

Eloise x
Love your blog ! :)
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